About us

Delivering limitless opportunities to world-class artists

Serving the dance industry since 2018

Talent Management

We Dance steers direction for an exclusive group of talented and ambitious dancers, choreographers, designers working across the full dance spectrum.

Business Advice

We uncover insights into our customers' mindsets and build a business plan/strategy and language to drive your business forward.

Dance Consultancy Services

We Dance consultancy services offer a holistic service within the consultancy scope. Our purpose is to be eager and understanding of our customers' needs. Service available in 2023.

Coaching Services

From mental health coaching, nutrition advice and business processes coaching. We Dance Agency inspires change thrrough unique one-to-one interaction.

Javier Torres

Founder & CEO

Isidoro Rutta

Marketing & Digital

for the work to be completed

Our Values

We are direct & clear

We don’t do goofy talk. We will tell you how it is - you take it or leave it

we are cultural activists

We amplify artistic causes that impact culture. We help our clients reach their philanthropic ambitions

We are state-of-the-art

Innovative ideas are what drive our passion - Asserting novelty & inventive steps

we are candid

We get you the information you need to do good. We are free from reservations, disguise, subterfuge

We do not use people for ludicrous purposes

The equality, diversity, and inclusion cultural/business propaganda nonsense is not our thing. We don't use individual protected characteristics to do business.

In service
of our clients, we are committed to becoming the most innovative, vital, and vibrant Dance Agency in the world

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