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(Current work in progress (coming in 2023)

– GERM (2021)

Research and creation process that addresses the human being as clay molded by experience. Emotions like an infinite symphony, mirrors of their realities.

A trilogy by Norge Cedeño from OtroLado DC


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– CRIME SCENE (2018) 

A body lying on the ground is the perfect vehicle to travel in retrospect through the possible origins of a fateful event. The agonizing attempt to flee an imaginary reality captures a woman in a struggle that transcends bounders between life and death.
This multi-award-winning piece was the first composition for OTROLADO DC and is inspired by the sensitivity and virtuosity of the Cuban star dancer Thais Suárez Fernández.
Choreography: Norge Cedeño
Music: Craig Armstrong / Ólafur Arnald
10 min

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– KNOTS (2018)

Infinite bodies knotted by dependence.bPower relationships are seen from the complex plot of a couple on their way to collapse
Choreography: Norge Cedeño
Music: Alexis del O / Randy Araujo
9 min

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A piece inspired by Igor Stravinsky´s homonymous composition and Charles Ferdinand´s script. It recreates the experiences of a soldier who, seduced by wealth, pawns his soul to the Devil in the figure of a woman. Two dancers are the protagonists of a story whose composition and excellent performance make this version something truly memorable.
A collaboration with the Lyceum Mozartiano de La Habana and Teatro de La Luna.

Choreography: Norge Cedeño Music: Igor Stravinsky
Orchestra Conductor: Libia Hernández 70 min

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– 1050 AND MORE (2019)

Apparently isolated pieces reveal the history of a millenary nation, known until today only in parts. Reality and fiction weave a family portrait from Chopin’s music, a wonderful journey in the reconstruction of Polish identity and memory.
Choreography: Norge Cedeño
Music: Frederic Chopin / music collage
Light Design: Fernando Alonso y Norge Cedeño Guest Artists: Danza Contemporánea de Cuba and THE CONCEPT
58 min

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Did you ever have a dream that you could swear was real? What if you couldn’t wake up from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world … and the real one? I try to return to memory every ray of light, but I am imprisoned at the beginning of all endings, flooded with suspicion by the man in the mirror who looks at me.

Choreography: Norge Cedeño
Music: Jenny Peña y Randy Araujo
Light Design: Fernando Alonso y Norge Cedeño 55 min

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A couple transits through different stages of their relationship. The piece shows memories of the road just before farewell.
Choreography: Norge Cedeño
Music: Frederick Chopin / Jenny Peña
9 min