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Talent Management

Uniting Ideas | Creating Opportunities | Leveraging the talent

We Dance Agency is a leading talent management platform and entertainment company. We help the world’s most talented artists make the world a more inspiring place. Our selective client portfolio holds some of the most acclaimed figures in the dance and choreographic industry. We Dance Agency is where big Opera Houses find their stars and groundbreaking ideas find their choreographers. We Dance Agency is a culture of entrepreneurship driven by the needs of our clients and guided by some of the world’s most seasoned, talented agents and executives with deep expertise in the dance industry. We shape talent, build careers, and help our clients move forward in inspiring the world through dance.

What we do

Business Advice & Development

Solutions | Planning | Strategy

Developing your business is crucial to its future survival, but we don’t just want your business to survive, we want it to thrive. We Dance offers a range of business development services and provides strategic planning aspects tailored to your unique business situation. No matter if you are already running your business or only have an idea that needs to be developed and translated into reality. We do it all. Preparation of business plans; budgets and forecasts; Involvement in management meetings to provide support and guidance; Long-term business and personal planning; including entry strategies for new business; Marketing, strategy; planning and communication; Fundraising Strategies & much more.

What we do


Think Different | There's always a better way

Nutrition coaching and mental health coaching for artists.

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